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“…All of the other forcings are directly tied to human activity. When it comes to radiative forcing of global climate change, it is abundantly clear that whether we like it or not, or whether we care to admit it, it is humans who are driving the bus…”


so was Copenhagen wrong, in not doing anything ? the answer
is yes…!

they must believe that the possible complete use of
fossil fuel and similar with their CO2 emissions are not
enough to cause World Global Warming and Climate Crisis and
or Disaster…!

they believe also that there is a possible repair…!

SOME SONGS OF THE 1980’S FOR ALL, and the pure logic

a) Another Day in Paradise. (Philip Collins)
b) Heaven Is A Place On Earth. (E. Shipley/R. Nowels
c) I Still Haven’t Found What I am Looking For.
d) I Want To Know What Love Is
e) If You Don’t Know Me By Now. (K. Gamble/L. Huff) Island Music/Mighty Three Music


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Friday, February 19, 2010
…a silent and cleanly city and country…!
…a silent and cleanly city and country…!
vancouver bc canada…

since aug2000 and as far back or more than 1986-1987:

i somehow perceived that more than one thing
was logically wrong with these humans or people
of canada…

-i arrived with some positive perspectives of a
normal human life…

-but i had some medical issues that needed
attention to first…

-when needed for some medical reason i went to
the a famed and only government contracted
franchise medical laboratory at around
120 ave,[scott road] and between 72 st and 86 st.

-all seemed normal except a crowd of east indian
grannies crowding and blocking a “door”…!
-finally i passed through to a lateral isle,
partly visible from the public seating…
-before i was told to give a urine sample now,
and not where ! a strange trembly guy, was
given a urine cup, and he started trying to
publicly urinate into it, before all the nurses,
without them doing anything about it, as if
all was normal…!
i felt a little funny in my head ! and had some
trouble asking what to do with the request of
urinating publicly ?!
-all after said and done, whilst being ignored,
i found where to go to a door to give my sample !

-this gave me reason that i was in presence, and
still am, of a sick and dangerous people and
country…! under the appearance of advance and
human rights respect and logic !
-now i realize how useful a video cam and camera
would have been…!

-since then i have found out most of what they do,
and clearly know how they “tick”…!

-for their public control, they are of course
wrong…! but not in their minds…!

-you can only give time and volunteer work, but
no torture under mental health pharmaceuticals,
that are old and could be easily proven to be
suable and eliminated from medicine…! and not
in an ignorance and secret way but under public
information…and with the supply of special courts
in a timely manner…!
you do not have public places for plenty of noise and
public yelling…

-you are all a strange human rights disgrace and
brainwashed, and repressive…!
not to mention anything else…!

so lets establish some points they surely have
not thought about …! :
-in all meager 3 incidents with “police” and
bc mental health repressive allegedly corrective
detention: no defense of the weaker party was
really given; the other party was not advised to
behave also; my minimal rightful self defense
manifestations “meager” were not accepted;
this gave the other party the right to feel
defended and to continue their attack to my
person using what ever techniques they use to
damage or bother others; the police did not solve
or better anything for me; and left the system
the same; i proved that the “bc mental health”
had become more repressive; they used up government
money for no real use on me; they proved to me
their ill and low end mentality and logic; regardless
of any logic used by the police, it has not proven
to be of any safety for me, in these issues;
and they defend this way the real causes of the 3

-thus clearly demonstrating who has less logic,
and who is really wrong and to blame…

-the psychologists and psychiatrists only fester
and live off the problems their irrational country
and system produces, as i have clearly demonstrated
in my life and those around me…
not to mention any other money making scheme, in which
humans are used, and human rights are violated…

-they do not imagine a pure logic country and
society, nor of anything better or even possible…


you have to learn to lose, to learn to win…
do not count on me finally loosing…
normally nothing can withstand pure logic…

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do not be misled by the apparent (a_p_p_a_r_e_n_t) xxx content…!
Universal 6 Card Spread
Card 1 (The Devil #15) : How you feel about yourself now »

You are feeling that the temptation of a certain relationship, pastime or other form of pleasure is too hard to resist – its almost addictive. Question your motives, these sorts of situations aren’t generally good news. You may also have rather low self esteem at this time and feel that there’s not much hope for the future – don’t doubt your abilities, try to be more positive. Think carefully, you can still change direction.
Card 2 (Wheel Of Fortune #10) : What you most want at this moment »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is a turning point in your life and positive change – well expect it now. Life will go up a gear or two and events will accelerate forward. Destiny is at play here – have you noticed a number of events that seem rather a coincidence? This is synchronicity, trust it and go with the flow.
Card 3 (Judgement #20) : Your fears »

You are afraid that the conclusions you’ve been wanting are delayed and fear any far-reaching changes ahead. Perhaps things aren’t turning out quite as you expected for some reason – this is a period when your routine will be changed dramatically. Fear not, although events will seem to be moving at a real pace, any choice you make will change life for the better. If you are worried about any legal issues chances are they will be ruled in your favour.
Card 4 (The Empress #3) : What is going for you »

The harvest is here; you are entering an abundant time of happiness and joy. Creative energy is high so if you are considering starting a family, a new job or artistic endeavour this is a favourable time. Relax and enjoy.
Card 5 (The Tower #16) : What is going against you »

However hard you try to control events they just won’t go your way. Unexpected challenges, upheaval and disappointment will bring expectations to an end. Subconsciously you may have wanted a solution, you just didn’t expect it to happen this way. Use this period of change as an opportunity for a new beginning. If you have been planning to move home you will be experiencing setbacks.
Card 6 (The Emperor #4) : Outcome »

Expect success and achievement of your goals, this is a time for fulfillment of your ambitions. If you have placed your trust in your father, husband/partner or a man of significance in your life, they will come up trumps for you. If you have been the victim of ill-will don’t worry, you will win in the end.

the tarot for today thursday 18 of february 2010.
the re-shuffling was done.
a double row was used of the cards.
the cards were chosen counting in twice a gruesome day, month and year.
beware to those who play with the two edged sword of logic.
with destiny none should play.
the ultimate goal has been established.

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Does anybody like this beauty of
a photo ? And do not ask me why ?

col. russell williams vs. mary elizabeth

-wife goes out with him, including
-somebody with “sexual ” needs, by the
looks of it, but not much of any “others”,
even those of command, that can be mislead…
-taken into custody…[were his rights of
staying silent read to him…?]
-talks extensively with police “detectives”…
-already has a court hearing…?
-hires a high profile lawyer…?
-all media show high profile photos of
him and top military officials and minister…?!
-there must not be anything really going
on and no worry of such a Canadian Military
disgrace that is still a story…?
– i would not want to have a photo of
myself with him…
-does the Canadian country under their
Police and mental health associations, make
high profile “killers”, and what other
places of Canadian Society are ‘they” located…
Also meaning, what is for small issues as to
“mental health forced detention, is worse
applicable for bigger issues, daaa….hhh…!
So if guilty, this guy and all others are out
of their minds…! Or are their legislators,
judges, educators and police…!
-they censure what does not need censuring,
and don’t what does…!
-was this guy systematically “drugged”, on
pass by or in his car, or by any other chemicals
by “others”…? Because I have been, and since
way back…! Why not torture mentally, by whiff,
or obligatory high dosage with “respiradol or what
ever”, so that he recycles, etc…! ! !Which
by the way i do not need nor do i think anybody
Does he have more rights ?
-and those in power that do not know what to
say about it all…! You will wear your military
uniforms in honor…! Hellouuuuw…! Rather,
a bad apple does not make them all bad…!
But were there is a bad apple there are other
levels of “bad apples”…!
-military are taught to kill…! The more you
practice at the firing range, other than once a
month, or less, the more you want to fire that
damm thing (this is called trigger or apply
power or control…]…!
So they occupy a different level of psychology,
that seems to not have been considered…!
Meaning, anybody can go to the armed forces !
Statistics will save the consequences !
Or rather who are the ones that kill more,
those that are considered normal, or those with
“health or ‘mental health” issues…

TIPPING POINT…! and i do not specifically !

somebody please tell me if he or somebody
makes sense of it all…? or know if the sequence
of events makes sense…!?

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…to the stupidest ice game i know of… !   Leave a comment

Curling – target …!

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world commercial flights map   1 comment

Low layer CO2 by land, Ocean human “puu” dump
by boats and Cruises, plus Airline high layer CO2,
makes a fantastic situation, that who knows how
long into the 21st century or 22nd century is it all
going to last, without any negative consequences !

…study this out !

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