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…serious amateur and pro astronomy…   Leave a comment

…some very reasonable US$ prices for real
serious and pro astronomy…!
…i have always wondered at the logic of people,
including many i now and family, that do not
care two hoots about astronomy…!
…probably because they are so earthly minded,
that they are of no heavenly good…!
…what a joke…!


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…golden ration and pure logic…   1 comment


I am sure it will take more than the
golden ratio for me to qualify in
Hollywood or World Literature !

Most people like to be duped…!
And not think much…!

Not that beauty goes with intelligence,
as commonly is said…! It seems to go
with pure logic…! Because no crippled,
weird looking person with the “balls”
of a lion or bull, has done what I have
done with my Book 1 “The Book of
Pure Logic”…! Not even Stephen
Hawkins…! So it must be that pure logic
thought has to do with the golden rule
ratio !
I am highly grateful of this, but do not
think I am void of any health or other
I have been through many segregations
of many sorts…! I was a white amongst
many “racist” venezuelans…!
I married a very “proud” woman of low
economic condition.
Life has led me along the road I have
traveled, and now it is me making
the roads on which I travel…!

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…california or CA [for canada]…!   Leave a comment

CA for Canada or California !
Well they have nearly more or less the
same population….!

…does anybody think what california will
do to cover the gap of electrical supply sources…!
…will they be able to do it in 100 years…! ?
…that is to convert to solar and green energy…!
…look at the percentages, and then find out
the population, and Kw required…!
…the state was looking for money as it currently
is functioning…!
…imagine the cost for the conversion…!

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…sunday 16…!   Leave a comment

sunday, 16may2010 , between 8pm and 10pm
a white rock beach area…
some nice photos and/or scenes…

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A Bad Bet on Carbon
Published: May 12, 2010
The third, and most vexing, problem has to do with scale. In 2009, carbon dioxide emissions in the United States totaled 5.4 billion tons. Let’s assume that policymakers want to use carbon capture to get rid of half of those emissions — say, 3 billion tons per year. That works out to about 8.2 million tons of carbon dioxide per day, which would have to be collected and compressed to about 1,000 pounds per square inch (that compressed volume of carbon dioxide would be roughly equivalent to the volume of daily global oil production).
In other words, we would need to find an underground location (or locations) able to swallow a volume equal to the contents of 41 oil supertankers each day, 365 days a year.

…but as you could imagine, how the USA
thinks, and world governments…!
…they will use up nearly every drop of
crude oil, every source of coal…!, etc.,
before they are obliged to go solar, not
to mention that nuclear, is a bigger problem,
than gain…!

…lets say they might not realize how
pure logic thinks…!

…they have to keep the World going on
what is “there”, and then make work sources,
on organic fuels and organic “fertilizers”…!
…in this process, what happens, will be a
source a more work, cleaning up, or
countering, if it can be countered…!

…pure logic thinks beyond this and their
way of providing for an artificial economy…!
and their belief that all that exists, and
they way things function in human society, is
the balance of life, and the “intelligent”
way of being…!

…of course they are all wrong, wrong, as
their religions are, their Biology Evolution
Science, and the rest of their Economy
theory studies…!
World cropland per capita has been steadily declining and is now less than 0.23 ha per capita; and down to as little as 0.08 ha in China, the world’s most populous country. To enjoy a diverse diet similar to that of the U.S. and Europe, 0.5 ha per capita of cropland is required. With more of the world desirous of a western diet, it’s obvious that more pressure will be applied to the arable land that remains.

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…mercury transits and simultaneous ones…
A transit of Mercury across the Sun takes place when the planet Mercury comes between the Sun and the Earth, and Mercury is seen as a small black dot moving across the face of the Sun.
Transits of Mercury with respect to Earth are much more frequent than transits of Venus, with about 13 or 14 per century, in part because Mercury is closer to the Sun and orbits it more rapidly.
Transits of Mercury can happen in May or November. November transits occur at intervals of 7, 13, or 33 years ; May transits only occur at intervals of 13 or 33 years. The last three transits occurred in 1999, 2003 and 2006 ; the next will occur in 2016.

The simultaneous occurrence of a transit of Mercury and a transit of Venus is extremely rare, and will next occur only in the years 69,163 and 224,508. The last simultaneous transit occurred in 373,173 BC. On September 13, 13,425 an almost identical event is predicted: a transit of Mercury and a transit of Venus will follow one after the other, in an interval of only 16 hours.
The simultaneous occurrence of a solar eclipse and a transit of Mercury is very rare. The last time this happened was September 20, 6945 BC.[1] The next solar eclipse occurring during a transit of Mercury will be on July 5, 6757, and will be visible from the South Pacific Ocean.[2]

…it seems that the Solar transits of the inner planets, Venus and Mercury,
are linked with life on Earth…!

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…venus in transit…!   Leave a comment,_2012
As it moves around its orbit, Venus displays phases in a telescopic view like those of the Moon: In the phases of Venus the planet presents a small “full” image when it is on the opposite side of the Sun. It shows a larger “quarter phase” when it is at its maximum elongations from the Sun. Venus is at its brightest in the night sky and presents a much larger “thin crescent” in telescopic views as it comes around to the near side between the Earth and the Sun. Venus is at its largest and presents its “new phase” when it is between the Earth and the Sun. Since it has an atmosphere it can be seen in a telescope by the halo of light refracted around the planet.[5]
Venus’s orbit is slightly inclined relative to the Earth’s orbit; thus, when the planet passes between the Earth and the Sun, it usually does not cross the face of the Sun. However, transits of Venus do occur when the planet’s inferior conjunction coincides with its presence in the plane of the Earth’s orbit. Transits of Venus occur in cycles of 243 years with the current pattern of transits being pairs of transits separated by eight years, at intervals of about 105.5 years or 121.5 years. The most recent transit was in June 2004; the next will be in June 2012. The preceding pair of transits occurred in December 1874 and December 1882; the following pair will occur in December 2117 and December 2125.[62] Historically, transits of Venus were important, because they allowed astronomers to directly determine the size of the astronomical unit, and hence the size of the Solar System. Captain Cook’s exploration of the east coast of Australia came after he had sailed to Tahiti in 1768 to observe a transit of Venus.[63][64]

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