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…las cordelitas and a computer monitor for jesus…!   1 comment

george says:

i think a god or entity of some sort if it has a way of seeing and hearing us all, must be a sadist or only records it without knowing about it until needed !

anyway nobody ever has really thought they are responsible to anything, as they have always killed and tortured other humans…!

and even today modern humans torture themselves…!


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…demolition and damage crazy americans…! the true 911 for all !   Leave a comment

…demolition and damage crazy americans…!

your true 911 story…!
…no fear fellow americans, to do such things on
foreign soil would cause too much international
problems…! so you are all the usa gov experiment
puppets…! do no think something worse will not
occur…! it is a “sticky” thing that itches in the
inner soul, to have so much power and not trigger
it to happen…!

…how so many modern humans in a
democracy can be shut-up in plain daylight,
in the eye-sight of all…! utterly amazing…!

…the center core of WTC was rectangular of:
around 138feet * 88feet . of the whole square
size of 208 * 208 feet. meaning this rectangle core
would tend to go to one of the thinner sides,
especially being “so high”. unless no obstruction
occurred in the free fall. secondly the inner core
is very big as to the overall size of the building.
this inner core is contributing as much or more
to the full strength of the building. even if the
upper 1/2 of the building came down in one even
flop [controlled demolition], the experience shows
that all debree would fall to one side, and a lot
of the other half, and mainly the inner core would
be standing or at least to 1/3 of all the height.
this is by simple observation and engineering
knowledge and demolition practical results. the outer
steel structure would fall burnt to lower levels,
but not all the way down. no such structure with
a rectangular core, could fall as a pancake, unless
everything gave way in a controlled manner !
a rectangle tends to give way either one way or the
other in the direction of the bigger sides of the
rectangle. and if too long, principles of flamingo legs
come into play, making it give way like a bow of
one bow, or serpent of more than one bow…!
if you get a few feet more or less off center it will
pull that way, all the way…! ! ! some say the steel
structure outside the core held all in place for the
vertical pancake. probably but not for such a long
way down…! as it would have then behaved as
a cork screw and torsioned itself down. or bow and
arrowed down some way…!

fellow americans you have been duped, and silenced,
and seemed to have liked it too…!

this was demolition derby in plain daylight…!

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…the black or chameleon cordelias [suse-linux-canada]…!   Leave a comment

…the black or chameleon cordelias [suse-linux-canada]…!

…the swiz guard of the vatican, means the swiz are catholics,
and approve all what the vatican is, has been as recently as WWII,
and still are in most western countries, especially in latin ones.
you can prove this yourself…! GIVE IT A TRY LIKE I HAVE DONE…!
they are the obscurantists that need people in ignorance
and no-education…! they love latin dictatorships especially…!
they love dictatorships in general, they need everybody to be
ignorant, poor and needy of christ’s “imaginary” love…!

…do you think purelogic would have any place in switzerland ?
my god no, they are WWII, and they are catholics inquisitionists,
and obscurantists…! they burn books and even burnt the bible…!
they do anything that history requires…! they live off people’s
need of some kind of faith, they live off their superstition,
they live off their ignorance…!

the catholics are live and well after all they have done…!
they have religious immunity, and a country of theirs too…!

they believe in inhibiting your human rightfull pleasure as
sanctity and purification, they believe in the hurting of the
body in purification in hunger and lack of water, they believe in
abstinence, they are the worst torturers of the world…!

because they do not marry, or have normal sex, they do worse
things, and still are tempted to have sex with their nuns…!

these doctrines makes what they really are and have been…!

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…the poor slave mentality of Harper and goc[cog]…!   Leave a comment

…the poor slave mentality of Harper and goc[cog]…!

…the government makes the money as the famous game of
…they make the social classes “racism” and promote them…!
…and then take away again with more taxes “HST” to promote
more commerce…!
…taxes are only needed to keep the rich a bit humble…!
…but taxes to anybody or anything else, is as stupid as their
slave mentality…!

i am sure we are their “slaves”, slaves of their mentality,
slaves of their money system that makes many social outcasts,
slaves of their system of living off damage, slaves of
the mentality of those that live off literally of “human bodies”,
slaves of their illogic…!


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…the perversion of money and human minds…!   Leave a comment

…the perversion of money and human minds…!
…the artificiality for the destruction of everything !
…that is if anything is left…! you see, they are
running out of time…!

…the world economy is based largely on government subsidized
crude oil companies…!
…why doesn’t the government subsidize us all…! including
money that comes from the uneducated population that needs
drugs to feel further emotions…!, and worse addictions…!
…to pure logic you would have to read book 2, as to for
what really street drugs are for…! or for what is a canadian
specialist for…? other than cutting you up…!
…also you would have to read book 2 of pure logic to
understand in your “small minds”, what is uranium and radiological
products for…? ! currently i am really thinking hard on that one !

…now XOM (exon-mobil) and COP(conoco philips) are slowly
planning on continuing being what they are today, as green energy
providers, unless they go broke, and take everybody’s money,
as they mostly do anyway…!

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…lets say that you do not know pure logic…!   Leave a comment

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
…lets say that you do not know pure logic…!
I am sure you do not know pure logic…!

So lets say regardless of anything, and
all that you have done to me since birth,
and that you do so to others similarly that
to pure logic, it is not required to attain
much anything other than self development !
And that if my work has not been received
whilst my life, it certainly wont want to be
received after my life either !

As my book of pure logic is clearly what nobody
is in the entire World ! Nor religious as such,
nor evolutionists ! It would be to their entire
doom, for pure logic to be an Academia School !
It would simply leave them empty and void,
as they are in logic and mind !

Meaning this, and not the common: “that being
said”, which is a way of talk that most use to
seemingly stress the previous said and connect
with the continuance ! that either way of what
the World does, you will fixate an outcome. And
you will not be able to say you did not know !
Secondly or in another trend of thought or way
of thinking, it could be that I am bad or not so
but simply consequencial, and want you all to
continue as you are !, or it is inevitable !
Thirdly, as to me I am fully accomplished, and
you all are not !

And fourthly you have all been won and beaten
by a better logic, and my Book 2, will be the
maximum ultimatum ! Lets say: “check mate…”

It has been a fantastic game of overriding your
logic, and Book 2 is a further accomplishment.
Be it that you get to read it without buying it or
not. The entire World and you all will be
eternally en-debt-ed to me ! As my books are
the redemption, sanity and self respect, of the
entire World !

I will try and live as long as I can, and do all
I can, regardless if anybody wants to stop me
or not ! I am not stopping you in doing anything.
But I do think you might do things differently
from now on !

Meanwhile, I do expect as animals respect their
superiors, some peace and quiet, for me to live
happilly and finish my Book 2, and try and
establish some more historicity, of pure logic.

engineer george frederick thomson broadhead
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…a big blockbuster of all…!   1 comment

…how one book brought the whole world logic
to it’s knees…!

…one of the most famous freehand electronic digital
caricature of pure logic of all times…! frederick thomson broadhead

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