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Copyright George Frederick Thomson Broadhead

…Code RED of Many or Not…


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…Movies I have on my Holi-day[hole-y-day]…
At California BNP Indian Wells !

I have not seen any of them, I think ! And I do not
have with me “Crash Dive 2″…!

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The Hangman !
georgefrederickthomsonbroadhead . com / gadgets

most games have techniques !

so does tennis !

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daily humor by

Flight Trouble

On a Delta flight yesterday, a woman stripped completely naked and had to be restrained by flight attendants.

Delta immediately charged all the other passengers a 15 dollar adult entertainment fee.

…My Jesus that was cheap…!

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…Royale Wedding Attire contest…
Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 02/18/2011
CONTEST: Design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress
By Andrea Browne

…dress contest by GeorgeFrederickThomsonBraodhead . com designs !

If I do not win, I’ll post it here for all to see !
It is amazing !

…Royale Wedding Attire contest…

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…the human and/or humane family of Brad & Jolie !   Leave a comment

…the human and/or humane family of Brad & Jolie !

Los padres de Brad Pitt se mudan para cuidar a la familia

The parents of Brad Pitt are going to help looking after and bringing up the kids!

…not a bad idea ! it does work, as long as grandparents do not have the same errors as with Brad Pitt…!

…i was lucky, and it worked superb and better with a good “canadian woman” private child care !

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IN PROMOTION OF Bleaks Cartoons ! A must see !

…we are free at last…!

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