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Kadafi and Power ! Will things be better ?   Leave a comment

Kadafi and Power ! Will things be better ?

30 April 2011 Last updated at 20:45 ET
Nato strike ‘kills Saif al-Arab Gaddafi’, Libya says

…well, well, some civilizations and populations do get some revenge against their oppressors !
…here at home in North America, in some future modern day, those of us under the “modern inquisition” of the “bogus and mediocre minds” that govern and exert legal and illegal influence over us, might get what they deserve !
MUCH LESS CHAVEZ AND THE “mega headless monster” Venezuela, which country has slowly evolved into, and soon to fully evolve into !
Venezuela has slowly gone beyond the point of no return ! Not in a million years!
This influence seems to be permeating into the North too !
I WONDER IF IN NORTH AMERICA THEY REALIZE THAT if they do not wakeup to it, these countries will also go beyond a point of no return in thought, mind, and well being of life !
ONLY PURE LOGIC CAN SAVE THEM, and i am sure of it !
But their negation of pure logic and me, will be their certain DOOM !


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…Will and Kate "married" for ever !   Leave a comment

TO CATHRINE & WILLIAM. [off the top of mee head!]

No doubt that “power” has to do with male “dress”!
And that power and brains should go together !
It was a very impressive “colorful” sight!

The bride’s dress surely was a “nice” “length (l_’eng”th’)”!
And of a “natural” fiber of the “so many available”!
Where silk was, I would like to know ?

Thanks for the nearly uncovered shoulders and arms!
Surely Jesus had bare shoulders for “his” “cross”!
And do not over-burden or “crucify” women anymore!

The veil and head band where quite “transparent (trans_parent)”!
I do not know what power a Church has,
to give matrimony, than the Goverment one !

It must be that matrimony, is fore-ever !
As otherwise, it could be a “un-forgivable” sin!
To commit a adultery and be stoned to death for it !

I did not know sexual and romantic love was sin,
For a “nun” to be sitting up so high!
The religion inhibition of he sublime, is not sanctity!

Sanctity to this level of no sexual and romantic life,
is rather a self Crucifixion, to no avail !
It is a public ridicule of one self in such ignorance!

The bubble of power and Monarchy is acceptable,
As even bees have a Queen!
Are we only animals, is the “key” !

Honey and Hun, how long will it be?
It will be until you decide it so!
As love can be a union of love, work, and parenthood!

Id the Church going to come and punish you?
Just stay together even id it be only in public,
But no not do something more drastic, to enable another wed!

Each others lives, are yours and of no others!
As so is mine and that of my family,
Old beliefs perdure, and soon better logic will “Reign”!

But it will not be Jesus, in future Reign,
in an imaginary millennium,
dead are dead and do not resurrect in this life!

What would they resurrect for? as they never have!
And so is such a marvel of organic lives of humans!
So precious and valuable, though to some valueless!

Jesus in your Religion said: You will always have the poor with you!
Why should this be when in the animal kingdom,
Some societies are all equal, and there is no-poordom!

Are we not humans better than the better of the other Kingdoms?
Or is heaven after this life?
Well surely the Religions thought it better for it to “be”!

Life’s heaven is here, my dears, and not after!
There is nothing to learn here, but what we can “all” learn!
All have made life a hell for most! Why should it be so?

Eng. George F. Thomson B.

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…Tomorrow – Mañana The World "Will" celebrate the English Wedding !   Leave a comment

The Monarchy of England and the “Commonwealth” celebrates the wedding of Will and Kate.

No doubt even I am enthused. But there are many that are not so enthused ! AND WE ALL KNOW WHO ? THE POOR and those that suffer even in ENGLAND ! They do not conceive that somebody can have nearly all and they do not !



Happy Marriage and Carriage !

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…Tornado ALLEY-all_ley…!   Leave a comment

…Tornado ALLEY-all_ley…!

The Mid-April 2011 Southern United States tornado outbreak was one of the largest tornado outbreaks in United States history. A major three-day tornado outbreak; it occurred in the southern United States from April 14 to 16, 2011, resulting in tornadoes across 11 states and severe to catastrophic destruction on all three days of the outbreak. Current estimates suggest that at least 40 people have been killed from tornadoes and straight-line winds associated with the storm system. The outbreak of severe weather and tornadoes has led to 45 deaths in the Southern United States.[1][2] This is the largest number of fatalities in an outbreak in the United States since the 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak on February 5–6, 2008, which killed 57 people.[3]

…I AM SURE THE STORY of the houses of “hay”, “sticks” and foreclosures of the “dumb” and house of bricks and concrete, and big bad Wolf, must be of the North American [English-pagan witch burning] stupid house styles !
Not because of a work provision in fixing up paper “tinder” doll houses…!

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..,THE BOTTOM 10 worst towns/cities in CANADA !   Leave a comment

…THE BOTTOM 10 worst towns/cities in CANADA ! canada-s- worst-places-to-live-2011. html

While Canada is a rich country, there are cities and towns in each province and territory facing serious problems such as unemployment, crime and pollution. Some of these places are fighting back, while others are in decline. Many are simply victims of economics, geography or an unfortunate combination of the two

Here are the bottom 10:

171 La Tuque, Que. ; 172 Port Alberni, B.C. ; 173 Summerside, P.E.I. ; 174 Norfolk, Ont. ; 175 Campbell River, B.C. ; 176 Quesnel, B.C. ; 177 Williams Lake, B.C. ; 178 Val-d’or, Que. ; 179 Bay Roberts, Nfld. ; 180 New Glasgow, N.S. .

They are missing one place of B.C….!

DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER…! A multiple sub-world inside a outside Wolrd of apparent “calmness” !

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…NEW free source Enyclopedia or most all for all !   Leave a comment

…NEW free source Enyclopedia or most all for all !

http://www . enkyklios-paideia . org
http://www . enkyklios-paideia . org/main/tiki-index.php

With copyright and plenty of Gigabytes and you name it !

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…Deleted from wikipedia-org and what this means…!   Leave a comment

…Deleted from wikipedia-org and what this means…!

As of Sun03Apr2011 – – A PARTIAL ATTEMPT TO INCLUDE THE Book of : NECESSARY RULES OF THOUGHT by ABP of York William Thomson

as user: Never_true was also blocked !

Other more “important” Books and Movies have more rights than I do !

I DID NOT entirely expect such treatment from wikipedia-org or the World !

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