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In Iowa, Ethanol Can Still Trip Up a Candidate
Published: October 7, 2011

Even in Iowa, King Corn is not all that it used to be. But can it still make a presidential candidate waffle?
Few major presidential aspirants have declared themselves an enemy of corn-based ethanol quite like Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Three years ago, he unsuccessfully tried to bulldoze a federal law that, in effect, forces billions of bushels of corn to be converted into ethanol and added to gasoline. He argued that this law forced up the price of corn used to feed cattle and chicken, adversely affecting Texas livestock producers. These included powerful campaign donors like the East Texas chicken tycoon Lonnie Pilgrim, who had pressured Mr. Perry to fight the mandate.

…Perry, buddy’ ! Not only does corn for ethanol cause a major politico issue ! it is the burning of “it” : ‘ethaNOL=etho…! ‘king-‘kin kong !!!


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